Stacey has worked with us several times copywriting and editing for publications as well as chairing a roundtable. She has been superb throughout all of our dealings with her.

She is thoroughly professional, diligent and goes above and beyond to offer us a great service, sometimes under tight timeframes. She is very personable, able to engage key stakeholders and great fun to work with.

I would highly recommend Stacey and we look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

Amy Goodall, Marketing Executive, Trowers & Hamlins

Stacey is a fantastic writer and pleasure to work with. She always fully understood and interpreted the varied briefs given and often gave valuable suggestions.

For Acorn, Stacey wrote copy for both online and offline content and for a wide range of audiences including B2B and B2C. These pieces required different tones of voice which Stacey executed effortlessly.

Danica Clements, Group Marketing Manager, Acorn Property Group

Having known and worked with Stacey at EG, I was delighted to have the opportunity to appoint her to support our own editorial work.

Her exceptional curiosity in and understanding of the property sector makes working with her an absolute pleasure, and her ability to interview, probe to find the story and navigate tricky conversations is a particular win for me.

Outputs have then been carefully honed to offer engaging content but also hone in on the nub of the issues we are trying to expose/discuss.

I’m delighted with Stacey’s work and look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Jenni Montgomery, Business Development Director, Barton Willmore

Stacey moderated a panel for my client at MIPIM. Her knowledge and understanding of the property market nationally really supported panel engagement during the discussion.

Servicing a three-party client and an invited panel of five meant that obtaining time for briefing meetings was challenging, Stacey’s supportive and proactive approach meant we were able to involve and effectively brief the panel in advance in spite of this.

Justine McGuinn, Just PR & Marketing

Stacey is a highly knowledgeable real estate writer (writes about other things too!) and was formerly Regional Editor for Estates Gazette. I have always enjoyed reading her articles which are hallmarked by insight and a purposeful clarity that leaves you more enlightened as a reader.


Anne-Marie Kesselman, Marketing and Communications Specialist

I’ve known Stacey for a number of years, and I know she’s a very capable journalist and editor, but most of the things we’ve done together have involved her chairing conference sessions for me, at which she is excellent.

I’ve been really impressed by the care she takes in preparation, in working out beforehand who she’s dealing with, what they’re going to say, and what questions she will be asking them.

That really pays off, and the things she’s done for me have been engaging and interesting for the audiences and helped me develop thinking and progress along agendas for clients.

Ross Sturley, Principal, Chart Lane
I have known and worked with Stacey Meadwell for the last twenty years, having spent the best part of the last thirty years in Real Estate communications.
I have to say that she is the most efficient journalist who I have ever dealt with during that time. She is organised, effective and is also a very nice person.
She tells it as it is. She doesn’t lead you astray if she actually thinks that you haven’t got a story but she is very broad ranging in her thinking and will listen to people who want to give a different perspective or slant to a story.
In addition to undertaking property press work over those last twenty years, she has been doing a lot of work in the theatre sector, based on her extensive interest in all things dramatic.
This really sums up Stacey; somebody with an interest in the world at large and therefor a joy to deal with.
I can heartily recommend Stacey to anybody who wants to employ her and I like her a lot as well (which one can’t always say about all journalists!).
Sue Brown, Executive Director, Planning & Development, London First