I have known and worked with Stacey Meadwell for the last twenty years, having spent the best part of the last thirty years in Real Estate communications.
I have to say that she is the most efficient journalist who I have ever dealt with during that time. She is organised, effective and is also a very nice person.
She tells it as it is. She doesn’t lead you astray if she actually thinks that you haven’t got a story but she is very broad ranging in her thinking and will listen to people who want to give a different perspective or slant to a story.
In addition to undertaking property press work over those last twenty years, she has been doing a lot of work in the theatre sector, based on her extensive interest in all things dramatic.
This really sums up Stacey; somebody with an interest in the world at large and therefor a joy to deal with.
I can heartily recommend Stacey to anybody who wants to employ her and I like her a lot as well (which one can’t always say about all journalists!).
― Sue Brown, Executive Director, Planning & Development, London First