MIPIM UK: The future of retail and town centres under the spotlight

Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 11.14.21I’ve been writing a lot about the future of retail and town centre for clients in recent months so I’m really excited to be involved with this panel session at MIPIM UK in October.

It will be an opportunity to explore some of the solutions with a brilliant panel of experts (more panellists to be announced soon).

The key things I’ve learned from talking to people in the industry is that retail certainly isn’t dead, it’s evolving and while there will continue to be casualties, there will also be winners.
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Good for the environment, good for footfall?

New public water fountain.jpgThis is the first public water bottle refill station I’ve seen in the West End.

It’s a scheme supported by the Mayor for London and I happened upon it by chance as it’s tucked away in a pedestrianised side street of a newish mixed-use development.

Not only does it help reduce plastic and provide a useful ‘service’ but it’s given me another reason to walk through this particular area.