Reflections on feminism and working in male-dominated industries #IWD21

I’ve found myself saying recently that the older I get, the more feminist I am. But I don’t think that’s quite accurate.

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

The older I get the less tolerant I am of gender inequality.

I’ve worked in male-dominated industries most of my life. Given the stories I’ve heard of the challenges some friends, colleagues and peers have had in the workplace, I feel like I’ve had a fairly lucky ride.

Luck shouldn’t come into it, but that’s the thing, that’s what we need to challenge until we don’t need to any more.

There was that time when, during my annual appraisal, my male boss asked me if my ambition was to have babies.

I did call him out on it. And again, when he asked the same question about the women in my team.

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