How to moderate a panel or webinar like a pro (part 3)

During a conversation about moderating over on LinkedIn, I was asked how you avoid’ a sluggish’ webinar or panel event.

Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

And it’s a good question. It is really easy for people to log off a webinar if it isn’t holding their attention.

Whether it’s online or in person you want to be associated with an an event people talk about in positive terms.

The best webinars and panel events are when there is a lively discussion and an engaged audience.

Obviously, having a cracking topic and panellists is a key component, but that doesn’t guarantee your event will go with a bang.

So what can you do to try and inject energy?

An engaged panel

I’ve noticed over the years that the more relaxed the panellists, the better the discussion flows. If they are really nervous, they may talk quickly or clam up.

There is always an element of nervousness to start with, so the quicker you can get the panellists ‘warmed up’ and into the flow the better.

I mentioned in How to moderate a webinar like a pro (part 2) some techniques for helping moderators combat nerves – and the same can work for panellists.

Make sure your panellists are prepared, understand the format and who the audience is.

As a moderator, that ideally means a pre-event conversation so the panellists can get to know you and each other and feel part of the planning process.

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