New Year’s resolutions

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I’ve never been one for setting New Year resolutions which limit or restrict, instead, I’d rather draw up a list of things I want to do more of – spending time with friends, for example.

This is my first New Year in business so the temptation is to come up with a huge list of goals but one thing I’ve learned in the past seven months is that it is something that needs to be reviewed regularly.

I started using a Trello board for keeping tabs on ideas and leads which I’m constantly updating and adding to.

In those moments when things feel like they aren’t moving the way I want, I’ll scan through to see where I’ve come from, what I’ve already achieved and take inspiration from the ideas and leads.

So this (short) list is part resolution, part well-being reminder and part motivator, all of which will no doubt have wider benefits.

1. Blog regularly on my website

This isn’t purely because it’s good for profile and SEO but because I really enjoy writing, which is why it is a big part of my work.

2. Stamp out self-sabotage

You know that little voice that says you can’t do something, that you aren’t very good?

I’m getting much better at drowning that out with a ‘can do’ voice and that is something that is going to get louder in 2019.

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3. Do the scary stuff

I love theme parks and roller-coasters and most rides don’t scare me but some do.

It took me two years to work up to going on a particular ride and I was terrified the whole time.

But I survived, I didn’t plunge to my death as my head and body were telling me I would.

The next year I went on the ride again, got off and went straight back on a second time. I was still scared but not petrified.

After the first time, I knew I’d be able to go on the ride again.

Scary stuff gets less scary the more you do it and it’s something I’m learning to apply to my work and life outside of my love of theme parks.

So in 2019, I will be doing more scary stuff because overcoming a fear is a really good feeling.

Happy New Year!




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