Video: Making LinkedIn enjoyable and worthwhile

A short video on making time on LinkedIn enjoyable and worthwhile

Video summary:

If using LinkedIn is a chore, it will make it harder to be consistent, and without being consistent, you won’t get the full benefit of being on the platform.

To make LinkedIn more enjoyable, work out what you want to get from it. Getting business is an obvious one, but it doesn’t have to be the only reason.

You might want to build your network, learn about a particular topic, or be part of a specific community.

Once you know what you want to get out of the platform, then you can plan what actions you need to take to deliver.

But be realistic. If you want to post more to increase visibility but find coming up with ideas and finding the time to create posts tricky, then setting a goal of posting five days a week is likely to be unachievable.

Setting realistic targets to deliver the results you want will make LinkedIn more enjoyable.

Full transcript:

Two key tips for LinkedIn: Make it enjoyable and be realistic.

Now to make LinkedIn enjoyable, it helps if you get something out of the platform.

It doesn’t have to be just about getting business; that’s an important reason to be on LinkedIn and why many people are on LinkedIn. But there are lots of other reasons to be on LinkedIn.

It might be that you want to learn more about a particular topic or you want to build your network, or you want to be part of a community and be able to talk to people doing similar things to you or in the same industry.

These are all legitimate reasons for being on LinkedIn but think about what you’d like to get from the platform. And then set a strategy for how you’re going to achieve that.

How are you going to build your network? Maybe you want to seek out particular types of connections and engage with them and then connect.

Maybe you want to increase your visibility and showcase your expertise by posting regularly.

It might be a combination of different things, but the key is to be realistic with your strategy.

There’s no point in setting out that you’re going to post every single day if the reality is that’s not going to happen. You haven’t really got time; you haven’t got the ideas to do that.

So set realistic goals achievable goals. If you set too high goals, it will just make it a chore.

So those are my top tips. Make LinkedIn enjoyable by setting goals and deciding what you want to get out of it but be realistic about what you can actually achieve.

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