B2B press release lessons from the world of theatre

Theatre press releases aren’t always a box office success. Photo: Young Vic Theatre box office sign taken by me, Stacey Meadwell

Here’s a lesson B2B comms can learn from theatre production press releases…

As a theatre blogger in my spare time, I get sent 20-30 press releases a week about upcoming productions.

But at least a third are missing key information

I’m not talking about forgetting to include the name of the lighting designer.

The information missing might be the date of press night, production dates, or sometimes even the theatre’s name.

As a result, I have to spend time Googling to get the details I need to decide on whether I can or want to review.

Or I just don’t bother. I don’t have unlimited free time to spend on my hobby.

Now a lot of the theatre releases aren’t written by a PR as they don’t have the budget, so it can be forgiven.

But it serves as a reminder to anyone writing a B2B press release: Make sure you include all the key info.

If you want the person reading to act on what you have sent (reply/write a story etc), have you given them everything they need to do that easily?

Journalists are time-poor and have to make snap decisions about what they respond to and write about.

Missing basic details on a release might just be what has them hitting ‘delete’.

Is there a lesson you can pass on from your hobby?

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