Summer content ideas for B2B businesses

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Summer meant slimmer issues of the B2B commercial property magazine I worked on, as more of our subscribers were on holiday.

But we still produced weekly issues with some seasonal, lighter or different features.

One I remember was a ‘favourite film’ survey of property CEOs and managing directors. It was fun and showed a different side to the industry leaders’ personalities.

The choices also became a talking point.

We also used summertime as a hook to look at usually unexplored commercial property markets such as seaside towns and holiday parks.

There were lots of tourist and holiday-related property angles to explore.

While the summer was a slightly quieter time for the property industry, not everyone was away.

And people perhaps had more time to read.

There are also those who might not completely switch off while they are away and might spend a bit of time catching up with some reading.

So don’t discount the Summer period and stop publishing blogs, articles and LinkedIn posts completely.

There is still an audience and a potentially more easily engaged audience.

It’s also a good time to try some different content, perhaps ahead of the autumn period.

Here are some Summer B2B content ideas:

💡 Is there a particular Summer related problem or challenge clients have that you can cover in an article or series of articles?

💡 Do you get certain types of enquiries over the summer that you could write about?

💡 Do a summer-themed survey of clients and/or staff as a lighter get-to-know-you piece, e.g. favourite holiday destination, ice cream flavour, best summer film etc.

People’s choices and favourites often make a fascinating read, and humans are naturally curious.

💡 Use summer events as hooks for market-related content; here are some property examples:

  • Staff summer party – the value of bars with terraces
  • Staff fun day – piece on leisure-tainment
  • Sporting events – sport venues and impact on regeneration

💡 Building designs that make the most of sunny weather

💡 Safe working on developments during hot weather

💡 How your business manages workloads during the holidays

💡 What the summer is like for your business (it might be a busy time).

What are your Summer content plans?

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