Rules of engagement: How to magnify your visibility on LinkedIn

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Engagement is a piece of the LinkedIn jigsaw that gets overlooked, but an engagement strategy is crucial to elevating your visibility and boosting impressions* on your content.

Rule 1: Engaging with other content

Do you comment on other posts? Writing comments on other people’s posts is great for your visibility.

Your profile pic and headline are attached to your activity on LinkedIn. So the more places you engage (react/comment/click to attend an event, etc), the more people who will see your photo, name and what you do.

But more than that, adding a meaningful comment is an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise or how you think, your values and who you are with a bigger audience.

If you comment, the author will likely get notified, and those reading the comments will see what you’ve written. Some people who’ve already engaged will get notified that you’ve added a comment.

The post may even appear in some of your connections’ LinkedIn feeds, highlighted as a post you’ve commented on.

See how commenting can magnify your presence on the platform? Not only that, it can magnify your presence in between and alongside posting your content.

It’s an opportunity to build a rapport with someone you aren’t connected with yet.

Also, commenting on other content may encourage people to check out your profile and posts.

Rule 2: Encourage engagement with your content

The LinkedIn algorithm decides who to show your content to. Engagement – reactions and comments – are a signal that it is interesting to people and, therefore, worth showing to more people.

Likes/reactions will do a certain amount to leverage your content’s visibility, but commenting is the gold standard of engagement. It takes more time to comment than simply clicking on the ‘thumbs up’, so the more comments you get, the bigger the signal to the algorithm.

And remember, when someone comments on your post, some of their connections will see that highlighted in their feed.

Think about how you can encourage comments with your posts – perhaps pose a question or ask people to share their experiences or thoughts.

And don’t forget to respond when people have taken the time to comment. It will help elevate your content further, but it’s also a bit rude to ignore people.

Unless you’ve got so many comments, it would take too long to reply to every single one.

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