Are you marketing your content effectively?

Creating regular content whether it is thought leaders, blog posts, client newsletters, videos or podcasts takes time but sometimes how that content finds its audience can get overlooked.

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All the value and hard work get lost because the content isn’t presented in a way that entices people to read, watch or listen.

There are different avenues for putting content in front of people such as email lists and social media and you shouldn’t just rely on one.

However, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

It is not enough to just tell people you’ve written something or got a new podcast episode, you’ve got to give them a reason to invest time in consuming that content.

You need to intrigue and tell them what value it has to them.

And there are lots of different ways of doing that.

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Quick tip: How to make online content more readable

Here’s a simple tip.

It’s for making your content more readable.

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Add in some paragraphs. 😮

No seriously, add in some paragraphs.

Give your sentences some space.

It doesn’t matter if your content is only a few sentences.

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5 tips for writing LinkedIn content

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Are you on LinkedIn? I’ve been properly using it as a social media platform for work for nearly a year now and I love it.

It’s great for learning new stuff, making new connections…and getting business leads.

And it’s fun.

If you’ve haven’t yet unleashed the power of it as a business networking platform then what are you waiting for?

A few things I’ve learned along the way about LinkedIn content that might help you:

1. LinkedIn likes native posts, that is stuff you’ve written or created yourself rather than shared from within the platform or from other sites.

2. More engagement on your posts means more visibility, so write content that invites people to interact or comment.

3. Don’t just tell people what you’ve been doing or your successes. Imagine going on a date with someone who only talked about themselves, dull eh?

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How to make ‘interesting’ content more engaging

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The word ‘interesting’ is overused when posting on platforms like LinkedIn.

Or rather it isn’t used effectively.

You’ve seen the posts:

“Really interesting panel on X last night” [Insert slightly blurry picture of a panel taken from a distance]


“Really interesting article.” [Insert link to an article].

It’s quick. It’s easy. We’ve all done it. I’ve done it.

But what purpose is it serving other than to fill a gap in your feed?

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