Writing LinkedIn posts: 3 different styles of opening lines

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The first two lines of your LinkedIn post are critical for stopping the scroll and drawing readers in.

If it’s boring and doesn’t grab attention or intrigue, people will scroll on by.

There are many ways to write an attention-grabbing opening line on a LinkedIn post. Here are three examples using this post I wrote about the dangers of relying too heavily on one social platform.

1. My original opening line

What would you do if you couldn’t post to one or more of your social media platforms?

It happened to me recently.

I started with a question that would (hopefully) give pause for thought and intrigue – ‘What would I do?’ ‘How does my strategy compare?’ etc.

Followed by the start of a personal anecdote to add to the intrigue and make it relatable.

2. Less direct/conversational

I could have gone for something that didn’t involve ‘you’, which I know makes some B2B content creators a bit itchy because it’s more conversational and direct:

Relying too heavily on one content channel is risky.

It is simple but still creates curiosity – ‘What are the risks?’ ‘Are they what I think they are?’ etc.

3. Story style

I could have also taken it in the other direction, using traditional storytelling techniques to transport the reader into the scenario I was in:

I stared at the error message on the screen. It had taken me 45 minutes to create the Reel, but it wouldn’t publish. Instagram was telling me it was protecting its community.

How would you write the opening line?

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