Adding value to B2B business news updates on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn recently changed its algorithm to shift the balance from ‘clickbait’ content to more meaningful posts.

This article gives a good explanation, but to boil it down, it seems the algorithm is looking for relevancy and meaning through knowledge and advice.

Now you should never write purely for the algorithm (that way, madness lies). But this change is a good reminder to ensure your content, whether on LinkedIn or elsewhere, offers value to your target audience.

If you use LinkedIn to post news and business updates, it’s an opportunity to enhance those stories to make them stand out.

Here are some value-add ideas using B2B built environment businesses as the reference point:

Leasing deal announcement

Content value-add ideas:

  • What does the deal say about current market conditions?
  • If it fits or bucks a particular occupier trend
  • Anything you learned working on the deal or any surprises

Development milestones (planning, topping out, completion etc)

Content value-add ideas:

  • Talk about what the particular milestone means
  • How does this development fit into the broader market/what does it represent
  • Any lessons learned from the process so far

New starters and promotions

Content value-add ideas:

Get the new recruit (or ‘promotee’) to talk a little bit about the market:

  • ‘At this time when x and y are happening, I’m looking forward to…’
  • ‘As doing x is a challenge, I’m looking forward to helping clients navigate y’.
  • I’ve experienced x several times over the years; as we enter a period of y, navigating z will become even more important.

Don’t forget comments on LinkedIn posts

People commenting on your posts has long been an indicator of interest/usefulness for LinkedIn.

But just as this algo change emphasises knowledge and advice in posts, the same is true with comments.

Meaningful engagement with your content seems to be the name of the game, and that means encouraging comments that are more than ‘well done’.

Another reason to add value to your posts and make them a conversation starter.

Some easy ways to do that are:

  • Have a viewpoint or opinion
  • Ask a question
  • Ask people for their ideas or take on a particular topic

Are you making changes to what you post on LinkedIn?

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