Lessons learned from making 3.5 videos to use on social media

My third interviewee, theatre director Sara Joyce

I’ve talked about experimenting with content on LinkedIn, but confession time: I cheat.

I use Instagram and YouTube for my hobby (theatre blogging), and those have become a bit of a playground for trying new stuff.

(Yes, this is how I spend my free time.)

My most recent experiment started with an idea for short and snappy video interviews with creatives that would satisfy my love of talking to people and give me a point of difference from other theatre bloggers.

At the same time, I was mulling over interview-style content for my business social accounts but hadn’t settled on a format that I liked and which might work.

This is where trying stuff out has helped, not just in developing my technical skills but also in refining and developing the idea and format.

I’ve only made 3.5 videos, but each is an improvement on the last, and I wanted to share the journey and a few of the things I’ve learned so far.

🎥 Video 1 – the self-tape lesson

My first interviewee was writer/director Rebecca Holbourn, who I know and was happy to be my guinea pig.

The idea was to send 5 questions; they would video their answers and send the recording back to me. I’d then edit, adding in title cards and questions.

Rebecca said that self-taping her answers took a while to get something they were happy with.

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