How I created 9 pieces of content from a LinkedIn Live

A piece of content doesn’t have to have one life in its original format. Repurposing that content to fill different content streams – and different mediums is the smart way to build its audience.

Get creative with repurposing content. Photo by Malte Helmhold on Unsplash

Besides, creating a ‘hero’ piece of content is time-consuming, so why wouldn’t you want to get bangs for your content bucks?

Here’s an example of what I did with a LinkedIn Live. It’s A B2B Comms Thing is a monthly Live I do with a couple of fellow comms freelancers in the built environment sector.

We decide the topic and three key questions, create the artwork, set up the event using Streamyard and promote it.

The Live is 15 minutes where we answer the three questions then a Q&A with the audience. The total broadcast time is 30 minutes.

When the Live is finished, Streamyard generates a video file and a separate audio file. Our latest Live was on repurposing, and I created nine pieces of content from that initial Live, and this is what I did:

Long form blog post

Using, I got a transcript of the Live and created a long-form blog post from the three key questions. This took 1.5-2 hours to create and edit but writing a 1,500-word post from scratch would have taken me the best part of a day.

YouTube video

I uploaded the video to our YouTube channel. I used the same words we’d used on the LinkedIn event page for the description, just tweaked slightly.

Having the video on a separate platform to LinkedIn means it’s accessible to people who aren’t on LinkedIn. Plus, we can embed the video on our websites or in email newsletters.

Bitesize videos

Using to edit, I lifted three bitesize chunks around the key questions to create ‘snackable’ videos.

It was the first time I’ve used Veed and found it easy to get the hang of.

So much so I worked out how to add in the artwork we created for the Live and a closing slide promoting the next Live to make them look a bit more polished.

The closing slide was created in Canva by copying and editing the Live artwork.

I used each bite-sized video in a separate LinkedIn post; here’s an example.

Additional LinkedIn posts

The afternoon of the Live, I did a ‘thanks for coming post’ with a link to the LinkedIn event page where the original video recording is hosted.

As well as the three posts around the bite-size videos, I did post around the long-form blog post.

I also created a LinkedIn post around an old blog post on a similar topic to the Live with links back to the original post and the video.

This blog post will also be turned into a LinkedIn post in the coming week.

To summarise, one LinkedIn Live repurposed into:

🎥 A YouTube video.

💻Long-form blog post

🎥 Three short videos

📱Seven LinkedIn posts

A total of nine different pieces of content.

And the bonus?

It’s all evergreen content that can be reused in the future.

But I didn’t exhaust all the options.

The short videos can be uploaded to YouTube. Those videos can be embedded in three individual blog posts.

The long-form blog post could be repurposed into three shorter LinkedIn posts.

We could turn the audio file Streamyard created into a podcast. That podcast could be turned into a series of snackable short episodes and Audiograms for use on social media.

Key quotes could be pulled out for individual social media posts or collated into a carousel on LinkedIn.

And I haven’t delved into the second half of the Live with the comments and questions.

There are probably more bitesize videos I could create and LinkedIn posts to write from some of the suggestions and points raised by the audience.

Easily two and a half weeks worth of content from one LinkedIn Live.

That’s just what I’ve thought of, I’m sure there is more. What have I missed?

If you want to watch the original It’s A B2B Comms Thing LinkedIn Live on repurposing content, here’s the video:

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