Video: Post-event content strategy – are you making the most?

Watch for examples of a post-event content strategy

I’m no stranger to events having been moderating panels and round tables for more than a decade (and doing event write-ups).

But there is one thing that organisers regularly miscalculate with their post-event content strategy:

How much content the discussion will generate.

Why is a write-up from a panel event or round table valuable?

💡 Bigger audience – content can extend your event’s reach beyond the people there.

💡 Longevity – your event lives on in your content beyond the ‘thanks for coming’.

💡Promotion – A good write-up can help build interest in your next event, maybe a bit of FOMO.

💡 Time-saving – It’s relatively easy content you don’t have to write from scratch.

But when there is a post-event write-up, often it only gives a flavour rather than making the most of all the expert speakers and the discussion.

In the video, I give examples to demonstrate just how much written content a panel or roundtable will generate and some options for what to do with it.

Read the full transcript if you’d prefer:

“So you’ve organised a panel event or a round table, how much content are you going to get from that event? “So you’ve organised a panel event or a round table, how much content are you going to get from that event?

It’s a conversation I have quite frequently with clients. And one thing that is always underestimated is how much content you can get.

Let me give you some examples. I did a very quick interview with a client. It was for a podcast. I think I asked about three questions, and it lasted about 10 minutes.

From that, I wrote a 900-word article, which is about two pages in a magazine.

At the other end of the spectrum, I chaired a roundtable discussion. It was about an hour/hour and 15, and we recorded the discussion and then turn that into a transcript. And that transcript was 20,000 words.

Now, not every sentence of that is going to be gold. But a big chunk of it will be if you’ve organised a panel or roundtable and it’s a well-structured, focused conversation. There’s so much material that you can get from it.

You can write a series of articles, you can write a report or a white paper – there is a lot you can get from it.

And it’s material that’s all there ready for you, and you’re not creating anything new. You’ve had the discussion. It’s all sitting there waiting to be used.

So what’s your content plan around your next panel event or round table?”

💡 Bonus content knowledge:

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