Another word I’d like to ban from B2B copy

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There’s another word that needs to join ‘passionate’ and ‘delighted’ on my banned B2B vocabulary list.

It gets used in B2B business copy a lot:


I saw a press release about a ticketing company recently that described itself as providing ‘ticketing solutions’.

And an office fit-out company that offered ‘workspace solutions’.

Solutions, as used like this, suggests an answer to an unidentified problem.

But what is the problem? How do I know what you are solving?

It’s meaningless. Puff.

And that is amplified because it’s hideously overused.

Whenever I see a company using ‘solutions’ in their copy, I roll my eyes

Even more so when it is paired with ‘innovative’. So many businesses offer ‘innovative solutions’ and yet it’s rare that any insight is given into how exactly they are innovating.

Again, it is meaningless fluff and your audience most likely isn’t falling for it.

So my tip is make sure your words have meaning an weight. You’ll stand out from the crowd much more easily.

What do you think? What word has you rolling your eyes when you see it?

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