How to avoid writing fluffy content

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I got asked recently how you avoid writing fluffy content.

You know the sort of thing, a piece full of padding and little value.

I’m an advocate of quality over quantity, so my instinct would be if you don’t have something interesting or of value to share, then don’t waste your time writing.

Pressure to produce

But there is so much pressure on businesses to produce content now, particularly as regular content is good for SEO, so there may be occasions when you have to produce something.

My first tip is to take a different approach. Could you approach the story from a different perspective? For example, bring in a human element.

Perhaps take your data or research and use it to illustrate a case study.

Could you bring in your own experiences and recollections to illustrate a point?

Maybe examine what happened or an outcome based on how it made you or those involved feel. Talk about what it means to you and your business, where it fits in with your strategy and plans.

People love people but think beyond merely being ‘delighted’ with something and avoid too many superlatives as readers will see through it.

Context and background

Think about context and background. Small stories can be bolstered if grouped with other similar stories.

Is there a trend forming? Can you make comparisons with other markets or times when the market was at a similar point in the cycle?

Perhaps look at the implications or what might happen next.

What market knowledge and expertise can you bring to the story that adds additional value.

Is there related content you could refer to and ultimately link to?

But my best tip would be to avoid the situation in the first place by having a concrete content strategy that gives you a range of different topics, themes and content types to draw on.

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