B2B content ideas in a crisis and getting personal

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For many, it isn’t business as usual during the lockdown.

The way staff work has had to fundamentally change.

The way business is conducted has had to change or worse business might have shrunk.

It is perhaps a time of adapting, pivoting, treading water and damage limitation.

Usual sources

Celebrations and wins might be thin on the ground – all the usual sources of content might have virtually dried up.

But that doesn’t mean staying quiet. Maintaining visibility and contacts – and working to build new ones – are vital.

It is better to be already running in the race to recovery than have a standing start.

So what do you write about when everything has changed?

There is a lot.

Think differently

You might need to think differently, you might need to approach content in a different way.

You might need to lift the lid on areas of your business you wouldn’t have talked about before.

You might need to get personal.

The good news is that there is huge appetite for content at the moment.

People want information, insight and stories.

They want to know how businesses are adapting, surviving, coping or pivoting.

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There is no physical networking, they want to know how people are getting on, what they are doing.

And content about people, content with personality or personal stories, always resonates more.

Video conferencing is breaking down barriers because it invites people into homes they wouldn’t otherwise see.

Seeing a different side

Ties and jackets are off, pets are jumping onto calls we are getting the opportunity to see a different side of people.

All this gives you a wealth of stuff to write about.  An opportunity to be visible and an opportunity to let people get to know you and your business.

If you are stuck for B2B content ideas during the crisis then get in touch about my content coaching.

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