Webinars and online roundtables have become the norm for the property industry during this period of lockdown and restricted movement.

And they generate a lot of rich content but maximising that content isn’t always part of the event planning process.

While hosting events online means you don’t have to organise a venue or catering it still takes time to find panellists, make sure you have the right tech and promote so you get an audience.

If you’ve spent time putting your real estate event together there is a lot you can do with the information that comes out of that hour-long discussion.

It is valuable content for your website, client newsletter and social media.

Here are just a few suggestions from big to small:

📹 Give people the chance to watch the session back by posting the video recording online – on video channels like YouTube and/or your website. (Don’t forget to add subtitles to make it accessible.)

📹 Create bite-sized videos around specific questions which you can also use on social media channels – apps like Veed are easy to use.

🎙 Create a podcast from the audio for people to download and listen to while on the go.

🎙 Pull out key points and create audio snippets using an app like Audiogram or Wavve to use on social media.

💻 Transcribe (use an AI tool like Otter or Rev) and write a long-form article based on the discussion.

💻 Alternatively write a series of shorter pieces focused on specific discussion points or questions.

💻 Use relevant data or information from presentations and create a mini report.

💻 If there are audience questions, create a Q&A style piece.

🔗 Grab juicy quotes to highlight on social media and link back to related online content.

🔗 If you are hosting all your event content on your website, add in ‘related article’ links – and embed media such as videos and podcasts in written posts.

The content that comes from events is too good to waste, what would you add to the list?

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