Media training that demystifies B2B journalism

Photo by Tom Rogerson on Unsplash

When I was B2B property journalist, expert sources were essential to my job.

They gave me stories, feature ideas and valuable comment.

Over the years I gathered a core group of industry insiders who were my go-to people when I was looking for information or help or an opinion on a breaking story.

Reliable and honest

My expert sources were reliable, available and honest, and as a result, they got plenty of coverage.

As part of my in-house B2B media training, I talk about the importance of building up relationships with journalists within your industry, what they are looking for and how to get quoted.

If you understand a B2B journalist’s job, you’ll be in a better position to help – and get quoted.

Not out to get you

B2B journalists mostly aren’t out to get you but they do have to ask difficult questions on occasions and I can also talk about how best to answer when they do.

If you and your team want to feel more confident when talking to journalists and get quoted when you do, then get in touch.

My media training is aimed at B2B online and print media interviews with an option for additional tips for non-live video and podcast recordings.



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