Are you making the most of your events coverage?

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You’ve spent months organising your event and getting the right people to come along but does your coverage effectively leverage the time, effort and costs involved?

A good write-up broadens the audience and life of your event.

I’ve seen some great coverage… but there is a lot that really misses a trick.

Is that the best you can say?

Talking about ‘packed rooms’ and ‘great turnout’ is an easy way to show success but is that the best or most interesting thing you can say?

If you are hosting the sort of event designed to showcase thought-leadership, share knowledge or challenge thinking, what did people learn from attending?

What were the ‘take-aways’?

Put people in the room

Maybe approach it this way, if you were talking about your event to someone, what is the first thing you’d tell them?

You can also put people who weren’t there in the room – was there a strong audience reaction to a particular statement, for example?

Can you give a sense of what the atmosphere was like?

Add personality

What about questions from the audience, were they equally telling?

If your event was based around an activity or sport can you bring in a bit of personality with anecdotes or reactions from participants?

The same criteria should apply to social media coverage too.

Multi-media opportunities

You might also want to think about multi-media opportunities, interviewing key speakers for a podcast or video, for example.

Or perhaps getting some thoughts from those who were in the audience or participated.

There is plenty of potential material from events that can offer insight, atmosphere and colour all of which could really lift your coverage and make it – and your business – stand out.

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