Why quotes on press releases matter

Photo by Victoria Kubiaki on Unsplash

Let’s talk about quotes on press releases and why they are a big opportunity but not always properly leveraged.

First and foremost, no one cares if you are ‘delighted’.

They don’t.

Harsh but true.

Powerful soundbite

The quote on a press release can be a powerful soundbite, an opportunity to expand on your story, showcase your business and expertise.

It’s an opportunity to add value, talk about context or strategy.

A good quote can really lift a story.

Opportunity wasted

And yet this opportunity can be wasted with something bland, boring and cliched – is anyone ever not ‘open for business’?

Or the quote can be wasted trying to squeeze in a corporate marketing message. (*Whispers* a journalist isn’t there to do your marketing for you.)

Your carefully crafted quote won’t get used unless it adds value to the story or says something interesting.

And if the journalist is desperate enough to need to fill space with your quote, is that really what you want your name against?

A good quote should add additional, useful information that builds the story otherwise don’t bother.


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