Why engagement is an important part of content marketing

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Producing meaningful and engaging content doesn’t just mean writing native posts but also what you share and how you comment on others content.

Content helps with visibility but so does engagement with what others are producing and the two need to go hand in hand, particularly here on LinkedIn.

Liking and naked sharing – sharing without comment – will only get you so far as will writing ‘empty’ comments on posts.

There is a place for saying something encouraging or congratulatory, of course.

Missing a trick

However, if you are sharing and commenting without qualifying the reason for the share or adding value with your comment then you are missing a trick.

I put my hand up as someone who is guilty of this occasionally, writing a quick comment along the lines of ‘really interesting post’.

It’s easy which is why we do it but if you take the time to properly engage, say why you found something interesting, you are giving people something to potentially engage with.

Increasing your visibility

Which means you are increasing your visibility and ‘authority’.

To put it another way, what makes you stop and read content someone else has shared or add a reaction to a comment?

Try it and see what happens.

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