Why you should put customer benefits first in content

This is quite a common mistake professional service businesses make when writing about their services.

They tell people what they do, then they tell their audience why it is important (what is in for them).

Or worse they skip addressing the ‘what’s in for me’ altogether and just talk about what they do.

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Photo by Oleg Laptev on Unsplash

I saw a social media post recently which was aimed at selling a particular business service.

However, the post started something like: ‘At Jones & Co we have an expert team of widget analysts’.

What followed was great, it talked about why regular widget analysis was important for saving money, improving efficiency etc.

Powerful sell

It was a powerful sell but only if readers got to that bit.

To get your audience interested in your expertise, you have to tell them why it’s important to THEM first.

People will be more interested in what you do if they can see immediately how it benefits them.

And why wouldn’t you shout about what brilliant things you achieve for your clients, that’s why you are in business after all, right?

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