How to make ‘interesting’ content more engaging

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The word ‘interesting’ is overused when posting on platforms like LinkedIn.

Or rather it isn’t used effectively.

You’ve seen the posts:

“Really interesting panel on X last night” [Insert slightly blurry picture of a panel taken from a distance]


“Really interesting article.” [Insert link to an article].

It’s quick. It’s easy. We’ve all done it. I’ve done it.

But what purpose is it serving other than to fill a gap in your feed?

Added value

What value is it adding for your connections?

What is it telling people about you (and your business)?

It takes a little more time but it’s far more powerful and effective to say why you found something ‘interesting’.

What resonated

You don’t have to write an essay, just pick one point that resonated.

Jot down something a panellist said, quote it and write a line or two as to why it stood out.

Highlight something raised in the article that you agree or disagree with and say why.

Is something missing

Is there one thing you don’t think has been considered or covered? Write about that.

Or raise a question about a particular point.

By doing this you are giving your connections more to engage with, adding value and interest.

Grab attention

It gives you more of an opportunity to grab attention as people scroll through their feed.

And you are also showcasing your knowledge, expertise or maybe a little bit about who you are and what it important to you.

Give it a go and see what happens.

Oh and feel free to leave an ‘interesting’ comment below…

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