How to create B2B content around an award win

Every industry has awards, and winning is great, of course. But how much B2B content can you create around your win?

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A lot of work goes into putting together an awards entry. Pulling together the information, data, images, testimonials and writing a submission that will grab the judges attention.

Your awards entry is the story of your business journey and achievements. It’s the story of a particularly successful project or product.

It’s the story of why you do what you do and what makes you stand out from your competitors. It’s all about what makes you or what you do the best in your industry.

All of which makes fantastic B2B content on your website, social media and a potential press story.

Leverage your win

This is more than writing about how ‘delighted’ you were and posting a picture.

It’s making the most of the work you did putting the entry together – and the work that won you the award.

Here are a few ideas for how to create B2B content around your award win:

1. Tell the story of what won you the award

Lifting the shiny new award was the easy bit. Getting to that point no doubt involved hard work, so write about what was involved.

What were your goals and how did you achieve them?

There were probably some ups and downs along the way. So tell the story of what you had to overcome, what the challenges were, how you solved them, and what you learned along the way.

Use that to frame what the award win means to you and your business.

You could also tease what’s next to move the story on.

2. Turn your win into a mini case study

If you won your award for a specific project or deal, turn it into a case study that focuses on what the value you added for the client.

Highlight how you solved key problems and any bonus results or benefits.

A lot of this material may already be in your original awards entry, including things like testimonials.

3. If there are judges comments, go to town with them

What the judges thought about your work and why they chose you as the winner is a testimonial.

They may have picked out specific aspects of your work that stood out and will almost certainly give you a shareable soundbite or two.

Make the most of these, include them in your stories and case studies and short social media posts.

Have you seen any really good post-award win coverage?

Or has your own awards coverage been particularly inspired? Let’s share ideas in the comments.

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