Marketing on a budget: ways to be more visible

How do you increase your visibility and (personal) brand awareness outside of social media without spending a lot of money?

Screen shot of me mid flow, talking to Trisha Lewis via Zoom for her Make It Real podcast. The Make it Real logo and episode title: Visibility on a budget appears in the centre of the screen between the two of us.
Me in full flow during my chat with the brilliant Trisha Lewis

Trisha Lewis is a communications and presentation coach I’ve got to know on LinkedIn. We’ve chatted in the comments on each others content and DM’s.

She asked if I would be a guest on her Make It Real podcast and talk about using different channels to build visibility.

So, things like guest blog posts and comment pieces on targeted websites and publications, being on panels at events, as well as posting on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

How I came to be a guest on her podcast reflects a point I made during our chat about the benefits of letting people hear you speak and see you on camera.

I’ve been creating videos on LinkedIn for a while, started doing LinkedIn Lives, and posted links to webinars I’ve chaired.

It gives potential podcast hosts and event organisers a chance to see what I’m like ‘in action’ and showcases my areas of expertise.

Below is a teaser for our conversation, and you can listen to the full podcast episode here on Apple Podcasts or search for Make It Real with Trisha Lewis on your preferred podcast platform.

Some of the things we cover in the episode include:

🎧 What journalists are looking for so you can pitch effectively.

🎧 Ditching the corporate tone using your authentic voice to stand out.

🎧 Using video and audio as part of a content plan

Teaser clip from my chat with Trisha Lewis on her Make It Real podcast

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PR tips: How to respond to big public sector announcements

Twice a year, the UK Government announces its tax and spending plans in a budget and subsequently, there is a race among those in the property sector to get their response comments in the news.

Photo by Jeff Griffith on Unsplash

It’s understandable. A pithy analysis or reaction to the business news topic of the moment can be great PR.

And there will be a few notable announcements that will be dates in the diary.

The effort to get coveted space on news websites and publications starts before the budget has even been announced.

Emails offering people up for interviews will begin pinging into journalists’ inboxes in the days leading up to the actual event.

Then in the hours and days afterwards emails with statements and opinions will flood in.

With so much choice of comment there are three key things a journalist is going to look for.

1. A high profile name

CEOs and managing directors of big well-known property companies are a draw.

It’s like having a celebrity name to open a school fete, a Hollywood A-lister is always going to get a bigger crowd than someone who came sixth on a reality TV show. Harsh but true.

2. Speed of delivery

If you aren’t out of the traps the moment they open the gates then there is a strong chance you’ll miss your chance.

Websites can be updated within minutes so speed is the name of the game.

A long and complex approval process isn’t going to do you any favours in this instance.

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