Learning to teach – my first content writing workshop

jeshoots-com-436787-unsplash.jpgWhen I was first asked if I could do a content writing workshop, after giving an enthusiastic “yes” I started feeling a bit nervous.

It is one thing being able to write and edit but quite another being able to explain it to others. It’s a different skill set.

As a teenager, I struggled with maths, it was like an obscure foreign language to me.

My maths teacher was kind and patient but after two years I was still struggling and my exam results weren’t great.

Different teaching style

The next year I had a different maths teacher who was equally patient and kind but they had a different teaching style.

Something clicked and suddenly my exam results were improving.

I was never going to be a maths genius but that teacher helped me to get a grade B in my O-level, something I thought I’d never achieve.

First writing workshop

So how did I my first writing workshop go?

Well, there are no exam results by which to judge but from the quality of the headlines the group were writing at the end and the buzz of the ongoing discussion, I don’t think I did too badly.

If you or your team write B2B content and sometimes struggle with structure, the best angle to take, headlines or even content ideas then I run in-house workshops that can be tailored to your specific needs. Feel free to message me for more details.

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