5 tips for writing LinkedIn content

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Are you on LinkedIn? I’ve been properly using it as a social media platform for work for nearly a year now and I love it.

It’s great for learning new stuff, making new connections…and getting business leads.

And it’s fun.

If you’ve haven’t yet unleashed the power of it as a business networking platform then what are you waiting for?

A few things I’ve learned along the way about LinkedIn content that might help you:

1. LinkedIn likes native posts, that is stuff you’ve written or created yourself rather than shared from within the platform or from other sites.

2. More engagement on your posts means more visibility, so write content that invites people to interact or comment.

3. Don’t just tell people what you’ve been doing or your successes. Imagine going on a date with someone who only talked about themselves, dull eh?

4. Engage with other people’s posts and content, you will meet great people and learn interesting stuff.  Remember LinkedIn likes engagement so it is also good for visibility.

5. External links are a no-no*. LinkedIn likes to keep people on the platform and if you are sending them elsewhere ie to your blog or website then your post won’t get the same level of visibility.

* There is a hack for adding links without damaging visibility if you really want to add one to your post.

Do you have any LinkedIn tips you’d like to share?

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