New year, new content strategy?

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The start of a new year is an opportunity to take a fresh approach, maybe try something new or commit to publishing regular B2B content.

Or at least that is the intention anyway.

Sometimes good intentions get swept aside when it’s busy. It’s easy to default to the familiar way of doing things or sporadic publishing.

I know, I’ve been there.

Busy times

Editing the features section of a weekly magazine kept me busy and at its peak, I was responsible for around 1,000 pages a year.

I had a team to help but it still didn’t leave much wriggle room.

If you know in your heart of hearts that trying a whole raft of new content ideas is not going to be possible then why not try one thing?

Some suggestions

Perhaps introduce the occasional case study to your B2B content publishing plan.

What about an interesting report or article you’ve read – pick out one, two, or three interesting points and comment on them.

Similarly, if you go to an event, what did you find interesting about it that you can share with your audience?

What do you think?

Do you have thoughts about a current news story or trends that you can share?

Tell a story about something that happened to you or to your business and what you learned. Storytelling is as old as humans are for a reason.

Get into the habit of keeping a list of content ideas. Jot down those little sparks of inspiration to delve into when you are pushed for time.

It gets easier

The more you do something the easier it gets until thinking of these ideas becomes second nature.

If you have a great tip for keeping on top of content ideas why not share it in the comments.

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