4 things that might be killing your reach on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a platform full of quirks, and while no one outside of LinkedIn will ever fully understand how it works, there are some practices which may impact your reach and are, therefore, best avoided.

These are gleaned from 5 years of using the platform regularly and devouring content from a range of LinkedIn experts.


You want to thank people or highlight a team of people who worked on a project, so you reach for the @ key to tag.

But be careful. Excessive tagging is sometimes used as a ‘hack’ by spammers to try and draw attention to a post.

LinkedIn doesn’t like hacks or its users getting spammed. If people don’t respond when they are tagged in a post, it can be a black mark against your content.

Yes, tag, but tag sparingly. And if you are legitimately tagged in a post, make sure you respond, even if it’s just hitting a reaction.

Posting too frequently

LinkedIn isn’t like X/Twitter, where you can fire off Tweet after Tweet without any problems.

Posts have a longer shelf life, and posting again too soon can affect your reach.

24 hours between posts seems to be the consensus.

So if you’ve got a lot to say or lots of news to announce, try and spread it out if you can.

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Getting more from LinkedIn for B2B marketing and comms teams

If you work in B2B marketing and communications, sharing company and client news on LinkedIn is pretty much a given, but there are benefits to branching out and posting your own content.

In the September edition of the B2B Comms Breakdown online event, Ayo Abbas and I discussed how it can help you and your company.

We also talked about how to get started if you are unsure about posting non-company content.

Here’s a summary of the discussion; scroll to the bottom to watch the full video, including audience questions.

How can LinkedIn help marcomms professionals?


• Posting as yourself boosts your overall visibility, which is good for you and your company.

• Personal LinkedIn accounts get more attention than company accounts, which can help broaden your network.

• It’s an opportunity to write about and explore a more diverse range of ideas and topics that interest you personally.

• More visibility and talking about different things potentially opens the door to other opportunities, such as speaking engagements.

• You can also try different styles of content for personal development but also as a chance to prove them for company use.


• As marketers, you network with a lot of directors, and you see a lot of an organisation and that insight on how we see the world is worth sharing.

• Putting your view out externally helps position yourself internally as it gives you more gravitas.

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Benefits of publishing regular B2B content or practicing what you preach

I’m a bit of a hypocrite. When it comes to posting regular content on my business website, I don’t practice what I preach.

In my work as a B2B content strategist and writer for property businesses, my advice is to publish articles or blog posts regularly to get results.

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Sporadic publishing isn’t going to increase traffic to your website – and potential business leads.

The reason?

💻 It takes time to build up an online presence.

💻 It takes time to build authority.

💻 It takes time to build trust.

💻 It takes time for people to get to know you and want to do business with you.

If you publish regular, interesting and useful content on your website it helps to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

It shows what value you offer – and what you value.

And it can make you more visible in searches.

But when it comes to posting regular content on my own website, my efforts fall way short.

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5 tips for writing LinkedIn content

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Are you on LinkedIn? I’ve been properly using it as a social media platform for work for nearly a year now and I love it.

It’s great for learning new stuff, making new connections…and getting business leads.

And it’s fun.

If you’ve haven’t yet unleashed the power of it as a business networking platform then what are you waiting for?

A few things I’ve learned along the way about LinkedIn content that might help you:

1. LinkedIn likes native posts, that is stuff you’ve written or created yourself rather than shared from within the platform or from other sites.

2. More engagement on your posts means more visibility, so write content that invites people to interact or comment.

3. Don’t just tell people what you’ve been doing or your successes. Imagine going on a date with someone who only talked about themselves, dull eh?

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