Want people to stop scrolling and click on your B2B content?

Promoting your content on social media can be a great way of increasing engagement with your B2B content but there is an art to writing posts that get people to stop scrolling and click through to your content.

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Think of LinkedIn or Twitter as like a huge crowd with everyone shouting to be heard. You need to craft a few sentences that stand out and grab attention.

It’s not simply a case telling people you’ve written something and they will click through and read.

Doing this just lets down all the hard work you put into your creating your B2B content.

Look at it this way. If you were selling a book door to door, you wouldn’t simply say: “I have a book, do you want to buy it?”

You’d talk about what was in the book and why it was interesting or useful.

And yet it isn’t unusual to see a social media post that says something like: ‘Our latest report on the office market is out’.

Now context, the business brand or person writing the post might help.

But it may not.

And if you are relying solely on who you are to ‘sell’ your content to potential readers, then you are missing out.

Hint: People may not know who you are or have read anything you’ve written before.

You want to make people stop and pay attention and to do that you need to capture their interest or intrigue about your content, so people want to click through and read it.

Here are some ideas for how you can do that:

  • Highlight a key stat, finding or trend the research reveals
  • Tease a key topic that is discussed.
  • Ask a question that the report or article answers.
  • Make it personal, talk about how something in the content made you feel (but don’t say you are delighted)
  • Pull out a powerful quote or single stand out point

The key here is to talk about the content and what’s in it, not that you wrote it or researched it. The fact that someone has sat at a keyboard and pressed the keys really isn’t that interesting.

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You can follow up your ‘teaser’ or ‘hook’ with a call to action.

Here are just a few simple examples:

  • Find out more in…
  • Read the full results…
  • Find out why…
  • Want to know more…

Or another idea is to invite engagement – ask people what they think or for their suggestions or comments if appropriate.

When promoting your content on social media, it’s a bit like a sales funnel, you put a process in place to land a sale – the post’s job is to get engagement with your content.

Take a look at your best performing piece of content – how did you get people to engage?

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