9 ways to make your B2B content stand out

Content marketing can be hugely effective but with so much content vying for peoples attention how do you get your carefully crafted words noticed?

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There is a misconception that B2B content has to be written and presented in a certain way.

If you step away from the preconceived ideas and take a different path there are lots of ways you can easily make your content stand out from the crowd – and more readable.

Here are 9 ideas to get you started:

  1. Make sure your headline is firing on all cylinders

Your headline needs to tell people what the piece is about and intrigue them so they want to find out more. People don’t click through to read out of charity or mild curiosity, so your headline has to be something they think might be interesting, useful or entertaining.

2. Tell stories

People love stories, it’s human. Writing in a way that tells a story, that takes readers on a journey can be a really compelling way to present information.

3. Use quotes

A pithy quote can grab attention, particularly if it is a view that seems initially incongruous to popular opinion. Use in a headline or as an opener for the piece.

4. Talk about the process

So much B2B content is focused on the end result of your work but there is great value in talking about how you got there, decisions made, problems solved, lessons learned.

5. Use numbers

Numbers can be a powerful tool for telling a story simply and powerfully – but don’t overload. Using a stat in a headline can also be really effective.

6. Show feelings

We do business with humans, not corporate identities, write about how something felt and what it means. (Use of the word ‘delighted’ does not count, though.)

7. Write as you talk

Avoid corporate-speak, those words and phrases you’d never use if you were talking to someone face to face. For example, would you say ‘utilise’ or ‘use’

8. Draw on personal experience

Recalling a personal experience can give readers something to relate to and helps people get to know you. People like reading people stories.

9. Use more than words

Think about pictures, graphics, slide shows, video…there are all sorts of ways of telling a story so think beyond words and use the best tools for that particular job.

What is your top tip for making your content stand out?

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