Simple ways to improve dwell time on your B2B website

Web search tools such as Google, like your B2B website more if people spend time on it rather than having a quick look. It’s a sign that your website is useful and interesting and content can play an important role in this.

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First of all Google et al check your site to see if there is new content being published regularly, so having a regular flow of news, blogs posts, insight – whatever form your content takes – is a key part of optimising your site for search (SEO).

Your B2B website is also monitored for the time visitors spend on it which is often referred to as ‘dwell time’ or just ‘dwell’.

Having good quality, relevant content to read is, of course, important but also having some longer pieces helps.

It is good practice to include an image or photo with all content – it not only helps tell the story but can help grab readers attention if they are scrolling.

Longer pieces can additionally be broken up with subheads, infographics, pull quotes etc all of which can also help grab attention and keep readers engaged.

(There’s a practical reason too, big blocks of text are harder to read on screen.)

Interaction – engagement – with your B2B content can also increase dwell time so you could allow people to comment on your posts.

Write to encourage engagement

Write in a way that invites people to engage, perhaps include a simple call to action at the end of the piece such as asking people for their thoughts on the topic. Or pose a question.

While time spent adding a comment is more time spent on your website it can also be useful for giving you fresh ideas for areas to explore in future content.

Additionally, it shows that you are open to having a conversation – you are accessible. And by replying (it is important to reply) you can keep that conversation going.

If you don’t have the resources to monitor comments and reply, an easy way to increase dwell is to direct people to related content or other content they might be interested in.

Some website hosting platforms allow you to automatically add in the most recent posts – this WordPress site does.

Add in related reading links

If you want to get more sophisticated and have a good library of content already published to draw on then you can list articles, news or insight into similar or related topics.

By making it easy for website visitors to find additional content you are helping to keep them on your B2B website and the more pages they look at the better it is for SEO.

Dwell is just one part of SEO but it can be a relatively easy one to work on.

Do you have a great tip for increasing dwell?

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